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Walkai Naturals - Eggshell Powder

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This product is a brand collaboration with WALKAI NATURALS (@walkai.naturals). All proceeds from the product goes directly to the brand to fund their rescue & rehabilitaion work with community animals (@walkai.rescues)


Weight – 60 gms


Calcium is one of the most critical nutrients for dogs. It plays a significant role in bone, joint & teeth health. Elder dogs will significantly benefit from calcium, as it reduces the risk and limits the symptoms of bone & joint issues like arthritis, hip dysplasia, etc. The shell membrane in the supplement also contains collagen which is necessary for healthy nails, skin & coat.


If your dog is on a homemade diet (cooked or raw), supplementing calcium & phosphorus is immensely important. While meat is rich in phosphorus, it contains very little calcium. If you're someone who can't feed bones (best natural source of calcium & phosphorus) to balance the Ca:Ph ratio or you have a dog struggling with kidney/liver issues who find it difficult to consume bones, then this supplement will work wonders as an EGGCELLENT alternative!


* Made with 100% human-grade ingredients

* NO preservatives, additives, flavouring, fillers

* Hormone & antibiotic-free

* Made with free-range eggs

* Can be safely consumed by dogs with allergy to chicken


Ingredients: Chicken eggshell & membrane

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